Cloud Code Pro Suite


Access to all of these tools are provided through our curricula. Look for the CloudCodePro Suite link in your course.

Welcome to the Cloud Code Pro Suite, a collection of professional tools and sandboxing technology that allows students to practice and learn Cloud Technology safely and quickly in their web browsers.

Our Cloud Code Suite is compatible with all major browser and device platforms. You can use these tools with any Chromebook, PC, or Mac.

Build web pages, write articles, and save in DOCX, pure HTML, or PDF format. Cloud Code Pro Web Processor is your Microsoft Word/ Google Docs alternative. Designed for Web Content Processing, The Web Processor allows you to copy from Word and Google Docs and paste directly into the editor. Our Web Processor will output clean HTML, making it an excellent solution for creating pure HTML5 content for web use. Or you can use it and write your content in the Web Processor directly. You may copy and paste web images directly into the editor and save everything as a single embedded HTML5 file. It is word processing, but for the web.

The Cloud Code Pro IDE (Integrated Development Environment) offers students an authentic web development platform experience. This IDE provides code error prompts in a manner that enhances learning without causing distractions. It enables students to upload content for hosting and to edit files live. Furthermore, students can preview their work and share it with teachers, friends, and family. To assist our curriculum facilitators, we grant them special password access, allowing them to view all of their students' work within the IDE through a simplified teacher interface. All student work is automatically backed up every night.

WEditor is a comprehensive animation suite compatible with Chromebooks, PCs, and Macs. With WEditor, students can create animated movies and interactive animated HTML5 pages, all within a web-based and user-friendly environment.

The platform includes several tools designed to assist students in creating sound effects, music, and audio assets for their animations, applications, and games.

Additionally, the platform features tools aimed at aiding in the mock-up of websites and the creation of graphics and sprites.

Thank You - Dev Team